Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New York Fashion Week: The Row AW11

If you read this blog regularly then you'll know I'm a massive Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fan and their latest collection for The Row, shown yesterday at New York Fashion Week, is one of my all time favourites. Ever. Not because its the Olsen twins but because it encompasses everything I love about fashion - simplicity, glamour, quirkiness and most of all, wearability. It's rare that you really love every single piece from a collection which is why I'm gushing about The Row AW11, see for yourselves...

The leopard print coat quite literally made my jaw drop - I think it's just perfect. What struck me most was how much this collection was based on the twins personal style; you could see hints of Ashley in the minimalist layering and quirky tailoring and bits of Mary-Kate in the dramatic fur pieces and gothic dresses. It's a beautiful coming-together of two really talented designers that works brilliantly. The sharp tailoring combined with the slack of the fur is really something...

The collection was very much split into two different parts: colour and fur then monochrome tailoring. To me, neither outshines the other and I think many of you will agree with me when I say it's all gorgeous.

I don't usually gush so much over one collection - there's always at least one look from a catwalk show that I think is horrible - so please don't think this is commonplace. Considering they were in my favourite TV show as a kid (Two of a Kind, in case you were wondering), I guess it's not surprising that I've followed them so closely - but I'm glad I have. Is anyone else as taken with The Row or am I just getting overly excited about one collection? 

photos from style.com


  1. I actually much prefer Elizabeth and James. I read an interview with MK where she said that E&J is her baby while The Row is something Ashley is much more heavily involved in which makes sense because I really favour MK's style. Also, hate to be a kill joy, but for me it's fur overkill. Those hats are ludicrous. That black suit is fantastic though.

  2. fantastic collection, the black pieces a great!


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