Saturday, 29 January 2011

Note: Contains Nudity

If you are adverse to looking at images of naked men, I suggest you don't scroll down. I am far too hungover today to even string a coherent sentence together let alone think of something wonderful to write about. Instead, I figured a picture of a naked Baptiste Giabiconi might help things somehow...

The image was shot by Papa K (of course) for the new issue of Interview magazine and in my current state, I'm quite enjoying looking at it. Hopefully I'll feel a bit more human tomorrow so apologies for the lacklustre post!

Are you doing anything exciting this weekend and what do you think of the lovely Baptiste?

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Friday, 28 January 2011

Spotlight: Martha Streck

You know the kind of girl that turns heads as she walks down the street? Well, Martha Streck is one of them:

I rarely want to be someone, but I definitely want to be this girl. Her street style is near on impeccable and she looks like one of the few models that actually smile these days. Obviously they're not my main reason for wanting to be someone but with legs like that I hardly need to justify myself. 

Martha is in this weeks Spotlight because she's never really crossed my radar before and I think she's absolutely stunning. I love this image from Dior Couture this season and can't wait to see her over the various Fashion Weeks.

Paris Fashion Week is so close I can almost taste it. What designers/models are you looking forward to seeing the most? I really really can't wait to see what Sarah Burton produces for Alexander McQueen, something completely outrageous I hope! What do you think of Martha?

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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Couture 2011 Round-Up: Good, Better, Best

Forgive me for being insensitive to the current economical climate but Couture is supposed to be about beauty, wealth and decadence. I may be being a little fashion-blind but there were few collections this season that even whispered those words. Chanel was a massive let down for me so I don't even want to talk about it (I usually love Chanel, so that's saying something) and the rest, well, was rather uninspiring. There were, however, a few saving graces.

I'll start with the good, Valentino:

Valentino wasn't extraordinary but it's the craftsmenship of the pieces that stood out to me. They clearly have been beautifully made and constructed but sadly the bland colour scheme let the collection down a bit. I thought these dresses were particularly gorgeous - they're perfect for the upcoming Oscars - but otherwise I wasn't that bothered, sorry Valentino lovers!

Up a notch from Valentino is Givenchy:

Last season I fell completely head over heels for Riccardo Tisci's collection for Givenchy so he had a lot to live up to. I don't think 2011 packs quite the punch as 2010 but it is still undoubedtly a stunning collection. I love the flashes of colour and the sheer/feather combination and think that the white theme is really strong. I could see every single one of his dresses worn on the red carpet but these were my favourites. The first dress is out of this world, no?

For the grand finale and my personal favourite - Elie Saab:

If you click on the image it will enlarge and you'll see just how perfect these dresses are. Every single piece in Saab's collection was red-carpet perfect, I really couldn't fault him. Admittedly the dresses are a bit safe in terms of fashion but there's no denying that they're completely absolutely stunning. I'm usually not so disappointed at Couture Week but I think Elie Saab saved it for me, without him this post wouldn't be possible!

What do you think of Couture Week in comparison to ready-to-wear? Do you think it should have been more outrageously decadent or are designers right to present something representative of the economical climate?

PS. If you haven't already, please pick me to win an internship with Elle, it only takes a second and I'll be forever greatful!

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Nails Inc Catwalk Collection with Diet Coke

On Saturday morning the doorbell went at 7am, usually I would have been horrified at being woken up so early but my postman was actually delivering these beauties - there's definitely worse ways to be woken up!

The Catwalk Collection is a collaboration between Nails Inc and Diet Coke and consists of four dreamy colours: Caramel, Denim, Plum and Heather Grey - any girl would be insane not to love all four. Along with the nail varnishes I was sent a Diet Coke bottle to customise and not being one to turn down an arts and crafts project, here is the finished product:

Living with three other girls means we have a vast collective nail varnish selection and they all loved the Nails Inc Catwalk Collection too (I'm currently wearing Plum on my nails and it does look rather sexy). The Limited Edition colours, worth £11.99 each are available from selected Boots store's now when you buy two 500ml bottles of Diet Coke - a great reason to start drinking Coke regularly if you don't already!

I'll get back into the swing of things tomorrow because I can't not post about the Couture collections; I'm a sucker for expensive things. Until then, get down to Boots and treat yourself! If you haven't already, and I implore that you do, pop on over to my profile at and pick me to win an internship with Elle - you'll be making me one very happy blogger!

What do you think of the Catwalk Collection and my attempt at redesigning the Diet Coke bottle?

Friday, 21 January 2011

Elle: A Blogger's Plea

OK so I recently entered Elle's Fashion Internship competition and it is now up to you to help dreams get realised! I didn't want to resort to a desperate plea but you know, beggars can't be choosers (or losers, in this instance).

All you need to do is go to my profile on and click 'Pick Me', it's that simple. You might, maybe, do have to register - but that takes no time at all, Brownie Promise. I don't think I need to explain how much it would mean to me if you voted, but in case you do, it would mean the world. One could go so far as to say life-changing.

Of course I wouldn't ask for something as big as this without giving back. So for the mean time, here's a great photo from the February issue of Czech Elle. It kind of sums up my excitement for the coming year, I have a feeling it's going to be a good one!

Here's the website again, double the reason to 'Pick Me', Thanks chica's!! 

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Freja Freja Freja...

Freja is one of those models that never fails to impress because every single photo of her is campaign worthy. This editorial shot by Mario Sorrenti for French Vogue's February issue is so stunning I want it made into posters for my walls...

The Dries Van Noten and Martin Margiela images are so incredibly beautiful. It amazes me how she can go from rock-goddess to 70s babe to high fashion couture at the flick of a switch. Freja's prescence at London Fashion Week has been seriously underwhelming for, well forever, so I'm really really hoping she gets a good few shows this year. 

What do you think of Freja for French Vogue? I kind of wished they'd included an Alexander McQueen piece because I'm still waiting to see how it'll be styled in editorials, anyone else?

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We Could Be Heroes

Today has been a great day for superhero geeks. Christopher Nolan announced that Anne Hathaway is to play the role of Catwoman in the latest Batman instalment and then this photo from the new X-Men film surfaced.

OK so admittedly at first glance it just looks like the dishy James McAvoy is a homeless bum squatting in a mansion house but he is actually playing the role of a young Professor Xavier. X-Men: First Class doesn't look brilliant if I'm honest which is a shame because I love the other films but with a cast including Kevin Bacon, January Jones, Nicholas Hoult and Michael Fassbender it can't be that terrible, surely?

I know most of you won't give two hoots about X-Men or Batman, but supposing that you do, who would  you have liked to see play Catwoman? Anne Hathaway doesn't strike me as the psychotic-cat-loving type but I'm willing to let her prove me wrong...

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Our Mountain and Abbey

You know I've got a soft spot for Abbey Lee and seeing as I've just finished my dissertation (woopah!) I thought I'd post this gorgeous photo for you all to enjoy. 

It's from the Our Mountain website and I'm going to have a stab in the dark and say that Abbey is either in the band or dating someone in the band. Anyone care to enlighten me? I think the photo is fab and I'm SO looking forward to seeing Abbey at Fashion Week because she always looks beautiful. 

Anyway, that's enough Abbey Lee for today, who is your girl crush?

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Look of the Week: Leopard Print

Leopard print is one of my favourite fashion statements. This gorgeous photo from a recent editorial in Elle Turkey is a great example of how to wear leopard print...

To me, this outfit is near perfection: casual yet chic. Not wanting to go all Gok Wan on you, I've put together a couple of looks incorporating a leopard print harem from Motel; what do you think?

Parka from Rokit, bag from Topshop. Leather jacket from Topshop, shoes by Burberry. Top from Topshop, shoes by YSL

These particular trousers are a little bold for my liking but you get the idea. Look 1 is my take on the Elle editorial - finding a decent parka proved rather difficult but they definitely are an investment, I've worn mine all winter! Look 2  is more of a going out look - a decent pair of black heels and leather jacket will never let you down. Look 3 would see you through day, night and even the office (depending on your tolerance for wearing 5 inch heels all day); seeing as fashion week is fast approaching, I think it's time I tried some of these looks out!

Is anyone else as excited about Fashion Week as I am? Obviously seeing the collections is amazing in itself but I can't wait to check out the model's street style this season too. What will you be wearing over Fashion Week?

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Milan Fashion Week: Menswear AW11

It's no secret that I'm a massive Gossip Girl fan and it's also no secret that menswear doesn't get enough coverage. I for one love the menswear shows because not only are they a breath of fresh air from the women's shows, there's also plenty of eye candy to go round. Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl's resident millionaire bad-boy) is the epitome of Milan's luxurious menswear - just how great does he look in these outfits from AW11?

From left to right: Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Umit Benan

Hot off the Milan catwalks, I like to call these looks (from L-R) Chuck's business outfit, Chuck's ostentatious limousine scene outfit and Chuck's casual 'Nate' time outfit. Although menswear coverage is on the rise, I still wish it got as much credit as it deserves - how else are we going to know how to dress our billionaire boyfriends?!

What do you think of my (slightly crude) Chuck Bass outfits and will you be keeping an eye on Menswear this year? 

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Monday, 17 January 2011

Golden Globes Style: The Maxi

Don't get me wrong, I love a great Marchesa and Oscar de la Renta masterpiece but it was the maxi that killed it at the Golden Globes. There's something super elegant about a maxi-dress that requires a certain level of class from the wearer and these ladies are definitely pro's:

Leighton's Gossip Girl character Blair would be so envious of this Burberry Prorsum dress she'd probably get her minions to sabotage it somehow. I love the romantic sleeves and cheeky little leg exposure although I'm not too sure about the hair and shoes - maybe she should have gone for a sleek up-do and less showy shoes? I absolutely adore dress though so she still gets a thumbs up from me.

Anne and Angelina are in a whole league of their own, I literally love these looks SO much it makes me want to cry or do something equally as heinous. Anne has really come into her own over the past few years and this Armani Prive gown looks stunning. Admittedly I could do without the puffy shoulder pads but the hair and minimal accessories are down to perfection. Angelina is pretty much a goddess. I've never loved emerald green more than I do right now - everything about this outfit is beautiful. There are few actresses who could wear this dress and look this great, Brad Pitt you are one lucky, lucky man. 

What do you think of these looks and who do you think had the Golden Globes style down to perfection?

PS. Well done to Natalie Portman for winning the gong for Best Actress in Black Swan, can't wait to see it!

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 featuring Lindsey Wixson

This time of year is terrible for going out but great for fashion. There are more new campaigns than you can poke a stick at and Fashion Week (depending on which city you're in, obviously) is just around the corner. Understandably, this time last season the fash-pack were a little apprehensive about the future of McQueen without Lee at the helm. However, Sarah Burton's début in September was more than impressive. With this in mind, I'm actually quite disappointed by the Spring 2011 campaign...

I absolutely loved the collection and it gave everyone with doubt in their mind reassurance but this is just doing nothing for me. Maybe it's because I've not caught on to the Lindsey Wixson bandwagon yet but her doll-face ruins this for me. Sorry Lindsey! She's great in the whimsical Mulberry campaign but this is McQueen - where is the edge and glamour?! Maybe it'll grow on me but I'm definitely hoping that the other images are more impressive. 

What do you think of the latest campaign and who would you have liked to see modelling the campaign? 

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Gossip Girl Spoiler: BEWARE!

If your a massive Gossip Girl fan (like me), are waiting for the new episode to hit screens on the 24th (like me) but haven't read the books (like me, oh the shame) then look away now. These photos from the latest episode Damien Darko might just ruin it for you...

In my mind (taking into consideration I've not read the books, I'm sure it's a lot different if you have), Blair and Chuck should be together forever, Serena should stop being a slutty tie-wearing cow and Dan should just bugger off to college already. However, my mind and reality never really match up. But seriously BLAIR and DAN!?! The whole washing up scene at the end of the last episode was cringey enough but this is just terrible news. I'm hoping that speculation has in fact got the wrong end of the stick; how are Chuck and Blair supposed to be together now?

Who is your favourite from the show and if you know what's actually going to happen, please enlighten me!

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Whilst catching up on the latest season of America's Next Top Model (and procrastinating from dissertation hell) the postman delivered my latest purchase. Feast your eyes on these little delights...

I wish I could say I bought all of the above but the slinky trousers are in fact the only thing I purchased. Still, I'm quite impressed with myself. As you may (or may not) be aware, anything colourful or with legs scares me a little so these are quite a treat and also a bargain at £15! I am posting this because I have a conundrum and I know all of you wonderfully fashionable people can help me out. 

How the heck do I wear them?! I don't want to mimic the 70s and yet I don't want to step into the realm of colour, it's a toughie. I figured the hat and fur vest would look nice but maybe that's a bit too safe...I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think would look best. 

For now it's back to the dissertation but please, if you have any advice - hand it over!

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Monday, 10 January 2011

Guess Who...

If you couldn't figure it out from the uncanny resemblance, this, ladies and gentlemen, is Elizabeth Olsen. Half of the inspiration for Mary-Kate and Ashley's eponymous fashion line Elizabeth and James, 21 year old Elizabeth is a talent in her own right. Having inherited the twins beautiful genes and worked her way up the studying/acting ladder, it's no wonder she was hand-picked by Chace Crawford for V Magazines 'New Hollywood' feature; isn't she gorgeous?

I can't wait to see how this year goes for the third Olsen (James will undoubtedly hit the spotlight any day now) especially with her new film Peace, Love and Misunderstanding coming out soon. If you want to know more, pick up V Magazines 'The Discovery Issue', out on the 13th January. 

What do you think of the twin's hidden sister, will she ever be able to shake the Olsen image or will she always be, 'Mary-Kate and Ashley's little sister'?

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Chanel Spring 2011 featuring Freja

 Chanel and Freja Beha Erichsen are a match made in heaven. The latest campaign featuring Freja, Stella Tennant and the gorgeous Baptiste Giabiconi makes me feel warm inside. I absolutely love the muted photography and don't even get me started on the clothes because they look amazing. Karl Lagerfeld has managed to make something that would ordinarily be a bit naff and cliché (palm trees and wicker chairs strike me as more Duran Duran than Chanel) into something beautifully edgy. Thas ma boy!

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Thursday, 6 January 2011

People's Choice Awards: The Good, The Boring and the Questionable

The People's Choice Awards usually springs a few surprises: people that usually get it wrong get it right and vice-versa. This year I wasn't over or underwhelmed by any of the outfits but I was definitely surprised at a few of the outfits choices. So here we have my version of the good, the bad and the ugly - only a little bit less exciting.

To begin, here's to the better outfits:

I surprised myself with these choices, mainly because I'm not a fan of Kristen's style and just not a fan of Taylor in general. However, although they all kept it simple (Kristen in Reem Acra and Taylor in J.Mendel) I think they all look really good. Kristen is famously terrible at accepting awards and generally looking comfortable in clothes but this dress shows off her insane legs; I haven't got much to say about Taylor other than she looks beautiful, job done.

Next, the not so great choices:

Cat Deeley used to be a children's TV presenter here in the UK so I was surprised to even see her at the Peoples Choice; even so, her dress is extremely blah. Nothing about her outfit is exciting, in fact I'm bored just thinking about it. It really upset me to have to put Emma Robert's in the boring category because she's usually such a promising young talent on the red carpet. However, this Dior dress is so underwhelming that there wasn't anywhere else for it, sorry Emma!

And now, the questionable:

I love Rihanna, I really do, but this Louise Goldin dress is literally doing nothing for me. I feel as though it should have been a mini and although I appreciate that she's gone for a lesser known designer, something isn't quite right. The whole outfit just confuses me a little, anyone else? Mila Kunis is another oddity, she usually dresses quite well but this J.Mendel number is just a bit off. It reminds me of a dodgy prom/cocktail dress although her gorgeous hair and shoes do redeem a couple of points.

Last but not least, you've got to salute Katy Perry. Who else could pull this dress of without looking completely weird?

What do you think of the outfits at this years People's Choice Awards and who was your favourite?

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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Nothing like a bit of Frabbey

I'm supposed to be writing my dissertation but what better way to procrastinate than the wonder that is: Frabbey.

I can't even begin to explain how much I love this - they're just so god damn cute! I seem to forget that models/designers are actually real people with real feelings so it's always nice to see a bit of love.

 If you're a regular you'll know that Abbey Lee can do no wrong in my eyes an so naturally, I completely adore the new Tom Ford eyewear campaign... 

How amazing does she look? First Freja and now Abbey - oh Mr Ford, how you spoil us. What do you think of Abbey's latest campaign (and hair, I can't keep up!) and who is your fave babe, Abbey or Freja?

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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Spotlight: Victoria Beckham

It's not everyday you see Victoria Beckham wearing a pale-blue cable knit jumper so this is a real treat. Victoria has graced the cover of British Vogue a couple of times, complete with her signature 'hand on head' pose so this cover for February's issue is a pleasant surprise. 

The pale colours scream '90s' but I absolutely love it; the 90s is my favourite era, after all. It's a shame Victoria can't shake that whole 'stiff pout' vibe (I'm sure there's dodgy connotations there somewhere but you get the picture) because she's actually a really beautiful woman. It's not going to be the most exciting cover of 2011 but for those that keep saying she's boring just think: at least it's not Cheryl Cole and she does design some amazing clothes. When you think back to when she fronted the whole WAG revolution, it's a miracle she's come out on top; you only have to Google 'Victoria Beckham WAG' to see what I mean...

Anyway, apologies AGAIN for not posting for ages - I had the flu and am now cracking the whip on my dissertation, keep checking back though as I will get back on track ASAP! What do you think of Victoria's latest cover? Does she get a thumbs up?

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