Sunday, 27 February 2011

Milan Fashion Week: Jil Sander AW11

My personal style isn't exactly what I'd call 'polished' therefore I often struggle to relate to the Milan shows; however, there are a couple of designers that I couldn't miss (Prada, Fendi, D&G and Gucci - although this season I was supremely disappointed). Jil Sander is one of those labels that has minimal-chic down to perfection although maybe this is because Raf Simons is at the helm - either way, there's always something really great from every collection. Here are my favourite looks from AW11 that carry on nicely from last seasons simple maxi-skirts...

The first thing that I noticed were the black, pointed, heeled wedges which have been styled brilliantly with bare legs and unstructured dresses. I love the outsize silhouette, especially on the pale grey maxi and teal bubble-dresses - Raf is the master of making something simple extraordinarily beautiful and this collection is no exception. I've noticed quite a few low ponytails on the catwalk this season but I think it's a really difficult style to pull off unless you have the bone-structure of a skeleton. 

This collection isn't for everyone but then not everyone could wear it - you need great legs and even better shoulders to not be drowned by these looks. What do you think, would you be able to wear these looks as they are or would you mix it up with black tights and a pair of statement boots?

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