Saturday, 19 February 2011

London Fashion Week:Eun Jeong AW11

I'm a massive fan of the good 'ol headscarf but there's only so many ways you can wear one until it gets boring. Enter Eun Jeong. Not only were the head-scarves very beautifully pinned but the collection was really stunning too. Do, excuse the poor quality of my photos - I was perched on a wobbly school bench behind a rather tall man therefore they're not as great as I would have liked.

These images don't do the scarves any justice - they really were beautiful and made me think 'how on earth am I going to recreate that?!' which is always a good sign. There were a lot of geometric shapes and gorgeous  draped-back dresses - it's such a shame that you can't properly see the garments because they too were really crafted and wearable. Even though Eun Jeong wasn't originally part of our LFW schedule, I thought the collection was wonderful - one to keep an eye on!

What do you think of Eun Jeong's take on head-scarves? I've just returned home from the Olivia Rubin show at Jalouse and will post all the photos as soon as possible - what has been your fave London show so far?

All photos taken by me, do not use/copy without permission!


  1. I really like the way the models have been styled. The headscarves are a little different to what I've seen before, it's awesome!!

    x Stace

  2. I love Eun Jeong so you're lucky to have been able to pop along! Lovely posts. I know what you mean about standing in front of tall people- I spent a lot of time with my camera high in the air above me trying to get a decent shot!


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