Sunday, 25 July 2010

Rachel's Short Love Story

Rachel Bilson is one of those amazingly consistent celebrities that you can always rely on to be stylish, but not too stylish. A bit like Kate Bosworth or more recently, Jessica Alba. Her style isn't outrageous and it doesn't push any boundaries, but she always always looks great.

After being scolded by all the fashion magazines this summer, I was a little worried about the fate of the denim short. Rachel clearly didn't get the memo (or just ignored it entirely) and I'm so glad; my denim short's are my summer staple. High street denim can be a little tacky (think obligatory studs/rips) therefore I generally opt for second hand or vintage - teamed with a cute shirt and killer glasses, you've got a perfect summer outfit for both day and night...

Top and middle row - all clothes from Rokit. Bottom row - all clothes from Topshop.

I guess another reason I love her is because she's tiny like me, it's hard knowing what kind of styles would suit you when you're looking at girls that are 5ft 9+, so thanks Rachel.

What do you think of Rachel, ok so she's not Rihanna or Lady Gaga, but you can't say she doesn't look fab?

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Spotlight: Anja Rubik

I know Spotlight has been a little biased towards models (think Abbey Lee, Kate Moss and Ashley Smith) but with girls this amazing, why would I write about anything else?

She is easily one of the most beautiful women in the business and has a killer body that puts any bikini diet to shame! I loved this shoot not only because the photography is stunning - the angles are perfect - but because it reminds me of ANTM. Don't recoil in horror, of course Anja beats every-girl-to-have-ever-entered-the-show hands down, but all I can think of is Mr.Jay saying "we want it sexy but not porn star". I don't think you could get any sexier.

This editorial is from a 2006 Summer issue of Numero, so unfortunately it's not available in shops any more; however, the latest issue featuring Kirsten Dunst and everyones Winter must-have - the shearling jacket - is, so get your copy now.

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I like it when you...

Do you remember when Lily Allen first hit the mainstream a couple of years ago and everyone hated her at first? I wasn't one of those people (I secretly loved the whole prom dress/high tops combo) but since she's gone into premature retirement, there's now room for fresh bait. Cue Eliza Doolittle.

I'm not really sure what the whole Lily Allen anecdote was about (maybe I'm a little sick of seeing photo's of her with a food/real baby after the whole is she, isn't she situation) but I guess it's because they both come under the London pop scene. Although Eliza isn't altogether fresh bait, her music is super catchy and it's a really easy listen - whatever you do though, don't compare her to Lily.

Check out her Myspace - how cute is her album cover?! My favourite song is Skinny Genes, and when I say it's catchy - trust me. 

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Giles Deacon tapped his metaphorical red heels and landed smack bang in the middle of London Fashion Week - I'm so glad he's come home.

We've seen it happen before. Alexander McQueen was one of (if not the) best designers this country has ever seen and we let him slip away, definitely a case of 'you don't know what you've lost until it's gone'. However, Giles has returned from notoriously tres chic Paris, and hopefully he'll bring all of his lovely quirkiness with him, because damn we've missed it!

I remember when this gorilla-esque ensemble was shown because all I wanted to do was try it on; nothing has changed because every time I see Giles' work I instantly want to wear it. His return also means I'll have more of a chance to see the collection at LFW which is massively exciting.

Are you glad Giles has come home (I'll be mortified if you say no, so make me happy)? PS. It seems I can't apologise enough for the lack of posting recently, but I really am sorry!

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Spotlight: Tommy Ton

A good street style image can get you a long way and Tommy Ton know's only too well it's power. The man behind Jak & Jill turned his hand to and kabam, beautifully shot street style is just a click away.

I've chosen Tommy for this week's spotlight because his photo's from Couture week are simply divine - I love looking at images from the street and it's definitely a bonus when they're photographed so beautifully...

I love how mysterious the bottom two photo's are and as much as I want to hate her (The City should be classed as propaganda not entertainment) I can't help but love Olivia Palermo, she looks insanely beautiful as always.

Who is your favourite street style photographer, The Satorialist, Garance Dore maybe? Let me know - I'm always on the look out for new talent!

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hear Me Roar

If you went to the Chanel show in Paris yesterday (don't tell me if you did, I'll only hate you for it) then this is the first thing you would've seen - very Chanel, non? Only Papa K would have a 40ft lion in his den for fun but boy do we love him for it. 

The collection was so incredibly beautiful that even the lion was left in the shadows; I fell in love with his SS10 Couture for the simple palette of white and silver but AW10/11 was altogether more dark and luxurious. The jackets were beautifully cut below the elbow, the dresses tiered at the empire line and the evening ensembles embellished to heaven and back - it was pure, glorious Chanel.

So aside from the boots, this collection is a massive winner - it also makes me want to chop all my jackets to elbow length just so that I can wear a stack of glittering bracelets, anyone else? What do you think of Karl latest offering, I'm dying to see front rower Jessica Alba in either of the evening dresses...

photos from and The Telegraph

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

J'Adore Couture

To my own amazement I rarely follow the Couture shows, I just have one of those irrational 'I can't afford any of this' fears and therefore avoid it altogether. However, last season I (like many others) got suckered in by Chanel's Couture Collection and finally started paying attention - albeit several years too late.

This season is no different; the shows haven't even gotten into full swing (I'm super excited about Chanel) and I'm already smitten. Christian Dior was a massive surprise as it was totally opposite to the AW10 Ready-to-Wear and it was just so colourful...

Aside from the massively obvious floral references, I saw a little bit of Marc Jacobs SS10 and a little bit of Taylor Momsen's hair from The Grinch years - either way I actually kind of liked it. It's way too colourful and flouncy for me to ever consider wearing (if I won the lottery, it might happen) but I can already see most of the dresses being worn on the red carpet.

But it's Givenchy that's been the stand-out collection so far, I mean these dresses are seriously beautiful...

Inspired by the uh-mazing Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and her three obsessions: religion, sensuality and the human anatomy, Riccardo Tisci has really put himself out there as a serious couture contender. I'm usually quite dubious about feathers and embellishment but Tisci's got the balance perfectly, who wouldn't want to wear either of these pieces?!

I can't wait for Chanel, Papa K will undoubtedly present a blinder of a collection and when he does I'll be the first to gush. On a more serious note though, who can actually afford to buy this stuff? I'm pretty sure I'd have to sell my house to afford one piece, let alone every season...

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As you're probably aware, posting was put on hold last week due to family holidays, however before I get back into the swing of things (always difficult when you've spent the best part of a week on the beach) I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my Mumma. I literally don't know what I'd do without her, so here's to you...

When I got back I was delighted to find my copy of Vogue sat on the doorstep and even more delighted to discover Freja Beha on the front; I keep moaning about seeing Kate on the cover all the time (she's notched up a whopping 29) so it's good to see one of my fave babes in the limelight.

Now I'm England-bound (until August - Barcelona here I come), normal posting can resume; thanks everyone for being so patient with me!