Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New York Fashion Week: Karen Walker AW11

There must be something in the New York waters because for the first time in a long time, I'm really loving the collections. Last season I found it so so hit and miss and only really liked one or two shows but I'm really impressed by the standard for 2011. Karen Walker is someone I've never paid any attention to in the past but this collection, inspired by Britain's own Northern Soul scene in the 70s, is really quite wonderful.

First up, the hats. Most of you will hate the hats and I will understand if that is the case but I think they're great! I really adore the prints Walker has used throughout but this botanical number is particularly lovely; especially with the black vinyl sleeves. I predict that grunge will be massive for AW11 and most of my favourite collections so far have had dark and gothic undertones - great news for avid black wearers!

We've already seen it at Preen and Alexander Wang so teaming a glam (in this instance, pleated) maxi-skirt with a casual knit is definitely going to be massive later this year. There's something really nice about the combination of styles and it's really easy to imitate so don't throw any of your maxi's away, you'll need them again before you know it!

I am super fond of all of these looks and think that the vinyl and wool are a great pairing. This collection stands out for it's simplicity - there's nothing fussy about it and I'm positive that the high-street will be all over this style like a fly to cow-shit. 

I'm going to be super busy with London Fashion Week from tomorrow onwards and will be posting all of my behind the scenes shots from Somerset House, so watch this space! What do you think of Karen Walker's AW11 offering and are you going to be at London Fashion Week too?

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  1. bang bang you are dead (8) i love the british people haha they have a good style like you

    andrea xx

  2. I am loving these two blue coats! xx

  3. great reviews!! thanks for shareing!

  4. I'm definitely loving the vinyl details. The vinyl strips in the skirts are fantastic.


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