Sunday, 28 February 2010


I'm usually blown away by the big-kids when it comes to Milan Fashion Week. However, I'm really not that excited by their offerings for AW10/11.

There have been a few - Prada, Gucci, Pucci, Jil Sander - which I've really liked, but everyone just seems to be playing it safe. Being super short (apparently I'm 5"1), wearing trousers is pretty much an art form that I rarely get right; therefore I'm reluctant to like several of the collections.

Aside from the trousers, there were some really nice design elements at Gucci. The coats were just to-die-for - I'm usually a scruffy old jacket type but Frida Giannini made me yearn for something a bit more classy. I also really loved the feather/leather details; very Tom Ford's Gucci in the 90's.

Of course my penchant for mini-dresses is the reason I loved Pucci AW10/11 and it helps that the colours and pattern is gorgeous too. I can see all of these on the red carpet and boy, that fur is beyond amazing.

Have there been any collections that disappointed you this season? I know we're in the middle of a recession and all, but AW just hasn't captured my imagination as much as SS did...

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  1. I agree, A/W has been a little lacklustre. Though I admit, it would be soo difficult to be a designer and come up with brilliant new things every single season. But they do know what they're in store for when entering the industry, though, so...
    Love Gucci's leopard coat, and black boots combination.


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