Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dakota the Glamorous

I'm really REALLY excited about Dakota Fanning's new film, The Runaways. Featuring Kristen Stewart (who portrays Jett amazingly), the film is a music-fuelled story following Joan Jett and Cherie Currie (Fanning steals the show, naturally) during their rise to fame in the 70s.

I've loved watching Dakota's transition from girl to young woman; she's really grown into herself and has come a long way from her 'Uptown Girls' (so bad it was amazing) days. This shoot with Tom Munro for Italian Vogue really shows just how beautiful she is - the dark eyebrows are a particular fave.

I had to stare at these for at least 5 minutes to make sure it was actually her - she's just so different, in a good way - of course. I'm so glad she hasn't fallen into the fame-game like LiLo and I'm super excited about her red carpet appearances over the next year. The Runaways opens today, check out the website (The Runaways) here; well worth a watch if you love a bit of angsty girl-band rock.

What do you think of Dakota's tranformation from girl to gorgeous teen?

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  1. Seems unfair that she's skipping the "awkward years"!

  2. I still find it so weird to see her all grown up, hahaha! I always picture her as how she looked in "I Am Sam".

    I really dig these photos though, she looks fabulous! I really like your blog too, great posts :)


  3. I'm so excited to see The Runaways! It doesn't even have an official release date here in Australia, so who knows how long I'll have to wait...
    Dakota is just stunning. And such a good role model for all the young'ns too (not like LiLo, as you said).

  4. what a great coming out for her! I mean, we've all watched her grow up a bit, but she seems to be having more of an Emma Watson transition than a lilo's hoping it stays that way! can't wait for the film either.

  5. It sounds really interesting.. and I have to double checked it as well.. she doesnt' look like her at all..

  6. wow she has really grown up! she looks beautiful too

  7. dakota's pics are so amazing. i hope to see some more shootings of her when the runaways will be released

  8. She is soo gorgeous and she is younger than me! So not fair! True that Dakota has changed so much and grown up so fast, though.

    Love you blog, now I'm following you :)

    Stace x

  9. Hey,
    Thanks for comment dear!
    Hm, sounds interesting, I think it would be nice to see that movie :]

  10. i'm always about the brows, but ehhh. idk how i like them on dakota fanning.

  11. Wow, she looks amazing, I didn't even recognize her!
    Good find!

  12. i actually really want to see this film! xx


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