Monday, 8 February 2010

Tag Team

The lovely lady over at Electric Feel 'tagged' me yesterday and although I'm completely at a loss about what this actually means (I think the idea is to answer the questions and then tag the people you want to answer them), I thought I'd have a stab.


This is a tough one because it changes every other month but right now it's Mumford & Sons

This incredible Australian Vogue editorial With Catherine McNeil and Abbey Lee

I have too many to narrow down to one, so here's a top 5: Shawshank Redemption, Clueless, X-Men, Mean Girls, Snatch

I wish that this wasn't, but unfortunately it is - Twilight (ahh cringe, cringe cringe!)

Prada/Balmain (but I love Marc Jacobs, McQueen and Chanel just as much!)

Definately Reading but Glastonbury is an extremely close second.

TV Show:
Skins, ANTM, The Hills, Miami Ink

Ooh another toughie. I'm gonna say Grace Coddington as a career icon and MK & Ashley as style icons.

The last two questions were pretty lame (Favourite City and Favourite Memory) so I left it at Icon. I'm not going to tell anyone else to do it, but, if I were going to I'd chose The Virtue of Style, That Girl Lucy and Cindy Whitehead because I love their blogs!


  1. Of course I don't mind! :) thanks for the tag, I have two or these of these blog award thingys to reply to, and I promise I will get round to it when I'm back from Paris next week!
    And YES at the choice of Reading Festival! Got tickets for this years? I can't wait already!
    Also: Balmain..swooooon :) x

  2. I don't mind at all! Thank you SO much - I am honored that you mentioned my blog (-: Loving yours too.

  3. love this post!! and agh prada is amazing :)

    lol at your comment,
    "and it makes me REALLY happy that Josh Beech is staring at me from your page while I type :)"

    :) xx


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