Wednesday, 24 February 2010

LFW Issa

I'm still not really sure about Issa last night, there were the makings of a good collection but everything seemed a bit too mismatched. The alien 'cone' shaped quiff and dark lips made a bold statement and yet the clothes, well, didn't.

I loved the shoes (a recurring theme this season!) in all their beaded glory but I wasn't so keen on much else. I was indifferent about the headscarves and the dresses were just so, smart - completely out of context from the accessories. The models were unusual choices too - Alice Dellal and Eliza Cummings; more Christopher Kane than Issa.

(Abbey was an hour late for the show and was literally pounced on by hair and make-up)

Alice Dellal is so beautiful in person; she always looks quite tough in editorials but she has one of the prettiest faces I've seen for a while. 

It's a shame because last season the clothes were spot on, I think Daniella Issa Heyalel needs to find Issa's personal identity, and fast! Although I'm glad Fashion Week hysteria has subsided, this week has just been crazy fun.

What have been your favourite shows from London and who was been the best dressed celebrity?

All photos taken by me, do not copy/use without permission!


  1. The black pearl bubbley shoes are so nice!!!!

    Paddy☮ xx
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  2. I haven't made up my mind about the collections yet.. Alice Dellal? really? I have always thought she was too tough..

  3. oh my lordy lord.....these shoes!
    just a dream!

  4. Only a really pretty girl can look with a haircut like that. The accessoires are looking pretty good to me.

  5. wow, the accessoires are so pretty <3


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