Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Remember Me? How Could We Forget...

I don't want to be mean about Kristen Stewart, I really don't, but my god this outfit is horrendous.

Granted, she was attending Pattinson's premiere for Remember Me and not her own (if it was for her own movie I would officially disown her) but there's no excuse for this. I mean the shoes and hair I can handle but the kneed-waisted-camo-trouser-things? And the dodgy leather? No, just no.

I'm not usually one for slating other peoples looks - especially as I quite like Kristen - but what WAS she thinking. Considering she's just bagged 'Women of the Year' at the Elle Style Awards you would have thought she'd make a bit more effort or at least get a decent stylist to make the effort for her.

What do you think? Am I being harsh or does she actually look as bad as I think she does?

photos from kstewartfan.org


  1. she always disappoints. and then when she does have a halfway decent outfit, she has piss poor posture and a sour expression on her face that just ruins it. i wish she'd carry herself better.

  2. Carry herself better? I wish she could carry herself to the shower. She needs a fucking wash!

  3. Oh god this is shocking...I can't wait to show my boyfriend this..I recently informed him that she has a funny taste in clothing..point proven! x


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