Monday, 8 March 2010

The Return of: Frabbey

This isn't exactly breaking news (think NY fashion week not Paris) but as usual I couldn't help myself.

They just look so good it makes me want to cry a little.

I know I should probably post something about the Oscars but to be honest they were so BORING I didn't actually want to. Ok so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. I was surprised at my own choice of favourite dresses/celebrities, it seems that nude has finally caught my attention. Aside from these lovely looking ladies (and Amanda Seyfried/Cameron Diaz) everyone was just a bit too boring for me. Sorry Hollywood folk.

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  1. I thought Miley looked really great! And yes I agree the Oscars were boring-- which made me kind of angry that I wasted my time watching!

  2. Love that first pic you ran! I liked quite a few of the Oscar dresses and I felt like this year was much more fun than years past.

  3. i agree, the oscars are so boring! so bored of everyones outfits. yawn. although diane kruger looked gorgeous, as always. and i loved sjp's dress

  4. Agree - booor-ang! I didn't post either.

    TEE&FAME x

  5. Oh wow, I had no idea Abbey Lee smokes. I don't know why that surprises me, it's pretty standard for models, I suppose. But she doesn't seem the type, to me?
    I actually also really loved Miley Cyrus' look as well - but I couldn't bring myself to put her on my best dressed. Ha, I'm so petty.
    Really you thought it was boring? Ooh I disagree, there some beautiful looks, and the ceremony was very enjoyable (very teary at some points, as usual, but all good). Ah, to each her own, I suppose. ;)

  6. good lord, abbey and freja look like two gorgeous lesbian lovers. i love that pic!!


  7. I'm glad you showed us a picture of these 2 super cool beauties. Personally I've seen more Oscar pictures now than I want to (pretty dresses or not)!

  8. Amazing dresses! :)

  9. Lovely photo, and i agree with you about the oscars, but i love the VB's dress!
    And thanks so much for you sweet comment,
    it made me smile,
    Panda xx

  10. Freja is way too cool.
    And oscar dresses were pretty boring, but I agree with liking Diane Kruger's.


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