Friday, 19 March 2010

Rude Rihanna

I love a bit of Riri, the good and the bad. Her outfits are incredibly hit and miss and I'm always on the look out for her 'hits' - usually found when there's parties/award ceremonies/fashion shows to attend to.

This latest look is a combo of both the good, the bad and the ugly though.

I love the grey sequined sweater and the casual black hot-pants (something I'd like to wear when the weather cheers up) but the chains? The lace-ups? The black streaky-bacon hair? It's not doing anything for me.

If I had my way with her I'd dye her hair brown/black all over and give her some short Tao Okamoto crop. I'd rid of the boots and give her some killer heels and I'd banish the bling altogether. But that's one massive if.

I'm always fond of the red lippy on Rihanna aswell but this whole combination just looks wrong to me, anyone else? On another note, if your a fan of Papa Karl Lagerfeld (if you're not then you need help) then you simply must read this article from Vice - it's perfect.

Seriously, read it - he even talks about expensive rent boys. Tell me what you think, does it make you love him even more or does it just make him that much more extroverted?

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  1. yes , lately her mixes are too extreme.

    lovely blog!!


  2. love the Vice article - thanks so much for posting - I would have missed that one!!

  3. That picture with Karl Lagerfeld is really cool

    Thanks for your comment

    -The Trendy Fashionista


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