Monday, 22 March 2010


At the beginning of the month we saw our long-lost English-rose Keira Knightley attending the Laurence Olivier Awards Nominess Luncheon Party (bit of a mouthful) in a gorgeous outfit courtesy of Miu Miu.

And to the Awards ceremony which took place last night she wore Erdem. I must say that I'm actually really impressed.

Keira in Erdem

Keira in Miu Miu

Her red carpet style has always been quite good aside from a couple of 'what was she thinking' moments (at least she's not like Kristen Stewart who has completely dropped off of my 'cool list' thanks to recent red carpet horrors). I think she looks great in Erdem - she's got that willowy frame needed to wear silk and she kept the hair and accessories simple, giving the dress all the attention.

Although she does look fab, I'd really like to see her wearing something from Fendi AW10 this year. I loved the collection but was in two minds about which celebrities could/would wear it and after Keira's recent comeback, I'm positive that she's the girl.

What do you think about Keira's recent comeback? After getting completely sick of her following the success of Atonement/Pirates of the Carribean, I'm actually glad to see her out and about again and in style too. What would you like to see her wearing over the course of this year?

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  1. I did get a bit over her after Pirates, but then i started to like her again in Pride and Predjudice and Atonement. I like these looks on her too, rather that the bag lady stuff she used to be known for :)

  2. Wow! love this pic of Keira in Miu Miu!
    The Miu Miu collection for this s/s is fabulous!!!! Miucca is amazing!

    Thanks for passing by sweetie!


  3. she looks breathtaking in Miu Miu!


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