Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Airport Chic

I never used to like Victoria Beckham's style (although I don't know anyone who actually did) but I've been converted to the Posh side.

I absolutely loved her AW10 collection at Fashion Week and think she's really emerged as something of a style icon over the past year or so. It's very much a love/hate thing with Victoria and you either get it or you don't. Even though that whole WAG phase (circa extensions, tan, boobs) was horrendous, you can't deny that it created a following - mainly of gypseys but a following nonetheless.

At least her latest phase is generating a stylish following, myself included (I'm not really a Victoria girl, but that doesn't mean I don't think she's cool - which she is, by the way).

Here's my interpretation of Victoria's airport look - notice how airports bring the best out in her?

Leggings, Shoes: Topshop. Balmain Jacket, YSL Cuff: Net A Porter, T-Shirt: French Connection

Admittedly the t-shirt isn't great (I'd wear a plain American Apparel V-Neck with this outfit) but the rest is something I'd definately wear. Well, who wouldn't wear Balmain? I've developed an irrational fear for wearing trousers but Victoria (and Rachel Bilson) have made me re-think my phobia, sort of.

What do you think, Victoria Beckham: stylish or not?

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  1. Gorgeous Polyvore collage! I love that blazer.

    I agree with starting to adore her style. I always thought she was terribly overrated, though lately, she's looking much more stylish!


  2. i don't like her, but this outfit is very chic!

  3. i love this girl and o don´t know why :)

    Nora from

  4. I'm not a real big Vicoria fan either, but she does always wear Balmain so well (who else can pull off wearing the same designer head to toe right off the runway?) Sorry I havn't been by for a while! How's Dolly Mix going? :)

  5. What do you mean you didnt know anyone that liked her? But she's awesome!!! I'm glad you've been converted :)

  6. she really is that girl we all love to hate, that said, she has great style!


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