Friday, 5 March 2010

Lady 'leave a message after the tone' Gaga

I love the Gaga - always have, always will. I'm mortified that I missed out on the Monster Ball Tour (check out Nicola Formichetti's blog for video's and photos) but I'm sure there'll be a DVD out before I know it.

I was excited to see this photo she Tweeted the other day and although I can already hear everyone saying 'She's too thin blah blah blah' I think she look's bloody insane (good insane, not mental insane).

It's a photo still from Telephone and much like these three, which have been floating around for a while now, it looks typical of a Gaga masterpiece.

Yes I know she looks skinny and she obviously has lost a lot of weight but I think she looks good; I don't really know what all the fuss is about - everyone hated her not so long ago!

PS. A bird flew down my chimney and is now stuck at the bottom - we've cemented the fireplace up so it's stuck! Oh how RSPCA would cry if they knew...

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  1. She's amazing <3 I don't think she looks that thin, she looks good <3


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