Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Levi's Re-launch

Today me and Dani from Between Every Line were invited to an exclusive bloggers preview of the newly refurbed Levi's store on Regent Street, opening tomorrow.

Considering Levi's is already one of my favourite brands (my heart lies with the 501), they've done a pretty good job with the store. It was obvious from the bare concrete walls and exposed architecture that Levi's were looking back to their roots to bring the brand into 2010. Little details like the 'inspection gallery', haberdashery inspired shelves and the 501 warehouse (a nice touch, might I add) gave the store a really industrial feel.

The inspection gallery

Part of the 501 'warehouse'

I love how conceptual the store is - especially the entrance 'foyer' section (check out the mini installations and hot guys) and think that it's going to be a massive success with Londoners alike.

My favourite Levi's campaign still belongs to Josh Beech, I mean, could you resist?

Even if you're not that into Levi's, you should head down to Regent Street just to check out the store - if you like industrial, back-to-basics concept stores then you'll love this one.

photo's from Levi's


  1. the store looks amazing! great new contemorary feel to it
    Rianna Bethany xxxx

  2. ooh lucky you!
    the store looks amazing
    ahh how I'd love to be in that room full jeans with loads of $$$
    hehe x

  3. Wow, I used to work there! It looks amazing. Your blogs great, i'll be back :)


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