Friday, 28 May 2010

Spotlight: Ashley Smith

Unless your first name is Abbey, Freja or Natalia, my model knowledge generally isn't too hot (I was in close proximity to Imogen Morris-Clarke, Ali Stephens and Hanne Gaby Odiele and was oblivious). But then every once in a while, a model will pop up on the runway or feature in a magazine and I'll be obsessed. Right now my obsession is Ashley Smith.

Ashley, for comparisons sake, is pretty much a younger, more gap-toothed Lara Stone. This editorial for the summer issue of i-D is so soft and yet so honest, I mean those boobs are just insane. For a 19 year-old she seems to have her head pretty screwed on (although naivety can be deceiving) - "I'm not a twig and I've got titties...I think boobs are making a comeback. Models have looked like 12 year old boys for some time now, I think the fashion industry is looking for a change," she says.

I first caught sight of Ashley in this amazing Russh beauty editorial back in November but didn't actually know who she was until a few days ago, she's like some incredible Lara/Georgia Jagger hybrid!

As well as perfecting the quirky, edgy look, she's also pretty neat on the commercial circuit - check out this gorgeous US Elle editorial.

I think she's one of those models that I call 'superhuman' but I'm gonna wait it out and see what she does next, I really hope she isn't a flash in the pan. What do you think of Ashley, should Lara Stone (newly hitched, aww) be worried?

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  1. she is really beautiful
    Rianna xxxxx

  2. I'm so jealous of her!

    great blog!


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