Sunday, 2 May 2010

Accidents Happen

Everyone gets the whole 'fashion' thing wrong sometimes; however, doing it more than once tends to raise eyebrows. Collectively, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have my dream wardrobe - there was Mary-Kate's Balmain phase in 2007 which I would kill for, and Ashley's amazing red carpet ensembles.

Saying this, they don't always get it right. In fact, Ashley (usually the more preened of the two) got it horribly wrong at the Art of Elysium/VERSUS event on Friday night.

The shoes, the lace/jersey combo, the leather jacket tied around the waist? It's all wrong. Mary-Kate on the other hand looks amazing - I'm loving the cobalt blue dress teamed with the leopard print jacket. (an MK and A staple).

At first sight Ashley doesn't look that bad, but when you examine the outfit as a whole it just really doesn't work. At all. I said a month or so ago that I wished Ashley would step up her game, because at the moment, Mary-Kate is steaming ahead in the style stakes - and this doesn't exactly help her cause.

I'm optimistic because this is clearly just a phase, she will start dressing better soon; and when she does, I'm willing to forgive and forget. In the spirit of positivity, I've put together an outfit with my new essential, the khaki short, and Ashley's downfall - lace. Will you be wearing the khaki short this summer?

Shorts, Wedges, Crop - Topshop. Glasses - Rokit. Shorts - Urban Outfitters. Bag -

I was a bit scared of trying the lace-cycling-short-under-khaki-short trend because I've got short legs but all this sun has given me the confidence. What do you think, has Ashley lost her style or is this just a bad fashion moment? 

Photos from, Topshop, Rokit, Urban Outfitters and


  1. I love that outfit collage, those wedges are great!


  2. It's the jacket tied around her waist that really ruins it. Doesn't she have people to hold her jacket for her? whatta shame

  3. I reckon she's just experimenting. everyone makes fashion hiccups, and the only way to get avant-garde is to try new things!
    love the lace bike shorts look xx

  4. i know some people will kill me for this statement....but who cares....i hate the olsens!


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