Tuesday, 18 May 2010


If there were ever a model born in the wrong era, it'd be Abbey Lee. Of course Freja Beha Erichsen could give her a run for her money as she regularly looks as though she's time-travelled from the 80's, but Abbey's in a whole league of her own.

"Hey Abbey, the 70s called and they said they want their clothes back!" The furry coat seems to be a particular favourite of hers (although personally I think it looks like old carpet) as do the beaten lace-ups but all joking aside, its pretty refreshing to see a model whose clothes have personality.

I love black clothes, infact I rarely wear anythig but black (unless I'm feeling adventurous in which case I'll probably wear a red scarf or something) but if I was nearing on 6ft and had the pins of a super, I'd definitely venture into colour. Monochrome is just so....plain.

Of course there are the Sasha Pivovarova's, Magdalena Frackowiak's and Abbey's of the world and black is arguably the most practical colour for a model to wear, but it's so exciting when you get a hint of the real them. I'd like to think that Abbey is some free-loving hippy lass with not a care in the world, rather than a serial mourner or nun - god forbid.

I'd also like to think that she'd wear everything from this selection I've put together, not all at once of course - well she could but people might think she's on day release or something...

Severe apologies for the notable lack of newsworthy posts, it seems I'm not so great at time management as I once thought! What do you think, should models stick to the all black uniform or should they mix it up like Abbey? Also what is your favourite era? Mine used to be the 90s but right now I'm really feeling the 70's vibes, maaaaaaan.

photos from altamiranyc.blogspot.com


  1. I looooooove Abbey :)


  2. Great post, I love all of Abey's outfits!!


  3. I love to see colors on models, because they always seems like rather black and grey ladys, yes.

    Abbey really needs to let the 70's call just as much as they want, she looks amazing.


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