Saturday, 22 May 2010

Hello Sunshine

You know it's summer when you can eat breakfast outside and not be cold; I'm so glad the sun has remembered us Brits, the whole Arctic April scenario was getting a little bit ridiculous. 

With sun (or summer in general - England isn't exactly known for it's warm climate) comes the onslaught of music festivals; what better way to spend a weekend than drinking beer and watching bands as the sunsets? Last month, it was Coachella that really raised the bar for festival fashion - forget denim cut-offs and straw hats, this summer it's all about vintage pieces, floppy hats and super-cute accessories. 

Of course, not everybody has access to showers, clean clothes (three whole outfits, for that matter), a bed, a hair-dryer or make-up therefore Kate's killer Coachella look is more aspirational than anything. Aside from the obvious - beer, tent, sleeping bag, food, more beer - here are a few of my festival essentials that will see you through this season.

Dress, Playsuit, Hat, Orange Sunglasses - Topshop. Barry M Nail Varnish, 
Dry Shampoo - Boots. Wipes - Witch. Wellies - Hunter. Lipstick - M.A.C. 
Leather Shorts - Rokit. Glasses - Alexander Wang. Rucksack - Eastpak

If you've ever attempted to wash your hair under freezing water whilst a queue looks on, you'll know its best avoided - at all costs. Get on the dry-shampoo bandwagon or invest in a floppy hat, with a dash of lippy and a coat of pastel varnish you'll be festival-ready in no time. Swap the denim cut-offs for a floral maxi, sounds impractical but just think, jeans under maxi = incognito. 

If it's forecast to rain, don't think you'll be able to get away with pumps/Converse, chances are they'll be swept away in a torrent of mud, so invest in a pair of decent wellies - I've posted these Hunter wedges before but I can't get enough of them!

I've already bought a couple of maxi-dresses and a load of lipsticks for the festival season, wellies and rucksack here I come! What will you be wearing to the festivals this season, are you trading the denim for a dress or sticking to the traditional festival uniform?

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  1. Wish I was going to a festival... But I have bought loads of maxis this year!
    UO x


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