Thursday, 13 May 2010

Where dem bloggers at?

If you've been following me for a while you'd probably know that I like Rihanna and when I saw her in London the other night I wasn't disappointed.

Her outfits were pretty insane, like crotch-loving-PVC-clad-but-cool-not-whoreish insane (with a bit of Gareth Pugh added in for good measure). I'm not going to lie though, when I saw her on X-Factor last year, she didn't sound great live so I was pretty sceptical that it was going to be a duff gig; I was surprised at how good she was. Admittedly I'm not really into the whole giant venue scenario when it comes to seeing live-acts - I'd much rather be at a festival or at a smaller more intimate gig - but our standing spot was pretty good, non?

It kind of goes to show as well that having a great wardrobe is never a bad thing, I mean, until she started dressing good, who really paid her that much attention?

Its funny because in an interview she did with i-D, she kept saying how she hated her early image and that her record label wouldn't let her do her own thing - this makes me feel a bit better about those awful Pon de Replay years.

Good Girl Gone Bad was the turning point for me, Umbrella was literally the best song EVER at the time. She got a cute black bob and started dressing a bit better which kind of made me want to listen to her music - I also had my hair cut like hers, and then again when she chopped it all off completely, talk about Rihanna-tastic.

She hasn't really put a foot wrong since (forgetting the whole Chris Brown saga) and she's definitely one of my fave pop-babes - her videos just keep getting better and better.

Anyway, that's probably enough celebrity gushing for one day, who is/are your girl crushes? What with so many amazing women talents out there at the moment it's hard not to have a girl crush, in fact I think I've got several... 

As I mentioned before, I'd much rather go to a festival than be herded up with thousands of people in a hot-sweaty venue, so next week I'm going to dedicate a whole post to them. The season pretty much kicks off in June so if your headed to one soon, keep your eye out for my essentials page!

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  1. Love Rhianna, but my girl crush has got to be Scarlett Johansson!
    UO x

  2. i love her music. looks like you had fun!

  3. I defs have a girl crush on P!nk.
    independent and sexy musicians all the way ;)
    rihanna's hair is gorgeous x


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