Thursday, 27 May 2010


I know everyone is just about sick to their stomachs reading/hearing about Sex and the City 2 (I know I am) but when the word 'cocktail' gets thrown into the mix, a girls gotta listen.

To celebrate the launch of the film, SKYY vodka have teamed up with Patricia Field (just thinking of the SATC costume department makes me drool a little) to redesign their iconic bottle. "So many of Sex and the City’s most stylish moments have been when the ladies were out in Manhattan, dressed to the nines, bonding over fun cocktails,” says Field

I was invited to try the yummy beverages on Monday and my favourite was definitely New York Star, so if you're out and about and come across this delightful collaboration, you know which one to ask for! Each drink is named after one of the girls and there's also a "Mr. New York", double points if you can guess which character that's based on!

Failing your very own SATC themed night out, you can also grab a limited edition Gift Box from Harvey Nichols for a super-chic night in. Maybe now the film is actually out I'll stop saying 'Oooh that's so Carrie' at every cute thing I see, anyone else had Carrie fever recently?

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