Thursday, 20 January 2011

We Could Be Heroes

Today has been a great day for superhero geeks. Christopher Nolan announced that Anne Hathaway is to play the role of Catwoman in the latest Batman instalment and then this photo from the new X-Men film surfaced.

OK so admittedly at first glance it just looks like the dishy James McAvoy is a homeless bum squatting in a mansion house but he is actually playing the role of a young Professor Xavier. X-Men: First Class doesn't look brilliant if I'm honest which is a shame because I love the other films but with a cast including Kevin Bacon, January Jones, Nicholas Hoult and Michael Fassbender it can't be that terrible, surely?

I know most of you won't give two hoots about X-Men or Batman, but supposing that you do, who would  you have liked to see play Catwoman? Anne Hathaway doesn't strike me as the psychotic-cat-loving type but I'm willing to let her prove me wrong...

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  1. Oh I do love a good X-Men movie. The line-up will hopefully make it a thumbs-up!
    And I'm hoping Anne will be a good catwoman - she hasn't disappointed me yet :)

    Rosie x

  2. Then Tom Hardy as Bane!!!
    I just think James McAvoy as professor Xavior, seems a tad bit odd.
    But can't wait till it comes out.

  3. I agree with Neon Noose...strange choice.
    I do love Jame McAvoy tho so i won't be complining!
    Mental blank on who i'd pick for Catwoman,it wouldn't be Anne Hathaway tho zzzzz



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