Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Gossip Girl Spoiler: BEWARE!

If your a massive Gossip Girl fan (like me), are waiting for the new episode to hit screens on the 24th (like me) but haven't read the books (like me, oh the shame) then look away now. These photos from the latest episode Damien Darko might just ruin it for you...

In my mind (taking into consideration I've not read the books, I'm sure it's a lot different if you have), Blair and Chuck should be together forever, Serena should stop being a slutty tie-wearing cow and Dan should just bugger off to college already. However, my mind and reality never really match up. But seriously BLAIR and DAN!?! The whole washing up scene at the end of the last episode was cringey enough but this is just terrible news. I'm hoping that speculation has in fact got the wrong end of the stick; how are Chuck and Blair supposed to be together now?

Who is your favourite from the show and if you know what's actually going to happen, please enlighten me!

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  1. haha arrrgggg susspense is killing me! x

  2. OMG Dan and Blair can't hook up. I mean, seriously it is ridiculous. I am a fan of the show and the books but I have to say the books are totally different from the show. There are a feew basics but not as much plots and evil schemes as in the show. Anyway, it is glamourous and I love it :D


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