Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Milan Fashion Week: Menswear AW11

It's no secret that I'm a massive Gossip Girl fan and it's also no secret that menswear doesn't get enough coverage. I for one love the menswear shows because not only are they a breath of fresh air from the women's shows, there's also plenty of eye candy to go round. Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl's resident millionaire bad-boy) is the epitome of Milan's luxurious menswear - just how great does he look in these outfits from AW11?

From left to right: Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Umit Benan

Hot off the Milan catwalks, I like to call these looks (from L-R) Chuck's business outfit, Chuck's ostentatious limousine scene outfit and Chuck's casual 'Nate' time outfit. Although menswear coverage is on the rise, I still wish it got as much credit as it deserves - how else are we going to know how to dress our billionaire boyfriends?!

What do you think of my (slightly crude) Chuck Bass outfits and will you be keeping an eye on Menswear this year? 

photos from style.com

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  1. i love the time with nate outfit! its so funny and i kinda want that sweater!
    mens wear is always inspiring, slightly more than womens actually. especially with the movie characters (james dean's red leather jacket in in rebel without a cause, marlon brando's tight white tee in a streetcar named desire...uhh elvis presly, kurt cobain!)
    so yeah, menswear in totally underrated!


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