Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Spotlight: Victoria Beckham

It's not everyday you see Victoria Beckham wearing a pale-blue cable knit jumper so this is a real treat. Victoria has graced the cover of British Vogue a couple of times, complete with her signature 'hand on head' pose so this cover for February's issue is a pleasant surprise. 

The pale colours scream '90s' but I absolutely love it; the 90s is my favourite era, after all. It's a shame Victoria can't shake that whole 'stiff pout' vibe (I'm sure there's dodgy connotations there somewhere but you get the picture) because she's actually a really beautiful woman. It's not going to be the most exciting cover of 2011 but for those that keep saying she's boring just think: at least it's not Cheryl Cole and she does design some amazing clothes. When you think back to when she fronted the whole WAG revolution, it's a miracle she's come out on top; you only have to Google 'Victoria Beckham WAG' to see what I mean...

Anyway, apologies AGAIN for not posting for ages - I had the flu and am now cracking the whip on my dissertation, keep checking back though as I will get back on track ASAP! What do you think of Victoria's latest cover? Does she get a thumbs up?

Photos from thefashionspot.com

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  1. Victoria looks a lot more natural and I agree, she is very beautiful, even if she does have a habbit of over pouting x


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