Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Nails Inc Catwalk Collection with Diet Coke

On Saturday morning the doorbell went at 7am, usually I would have been horrified at being woken up so early but my postman was actually delivering these beauties - there's definitely worse ways to be woken up!

The Catwalk Collection is a collaboration between Nails Inc and Diet Coke and consists of four dreamy colours: Caramel, Denim, Plum and Heather Grey - any girl would be insane not to love all four. Along with the nail varnishes I was sent a Diet Coke bottle to customise and not being one to turn down an arts and crafts project, here is the finished product:

Living with three other girls means we have a vast collective nail varnish selection and they all loved the Nails Inc Catwalk Collection too (I'm currently wearing Plum on my nails and it does look rather sexy). The Limited Edition colours, worth £11.99 each are available from selected Boots store's now when you buy two 500ml bottles of Diet Coke - a great reason to start drinking Coke regularly if you don't already!

I'll get back into the swing of things tomorrow because I can't not post about the Couture collections; I'm a sucker for expensive things. Until then, get down to Boots and treat yourself! If you haven't already, and I implore that you do, pop on over to my profile at ELLEuk.com and pick me to win an internship with Elle - you'll be making me one very happy blogger!

What do you think of the Catwalk Collection and my attempt at redesigning the Diet Coke bottle?


  1. Love your design on the bottle ;)

  2. I've just voted for you... hope you get it :) x

    Catherine x


  3. Loving how you've jazzed up that bottle - so cute!

    Rosie x

  4. very cute bottle!

    good luck!

    nice blog :)


  5. super cute bottle! I loove those colors, they are perfect!



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