Friday, 23 July 2010

Spotlight: Anja Rubik

I know Spotlight has been a little biased towards models (think Abbey Lee, Kate Moss and Ashley Smith) but with girls this amazing, why would I write about anything else?

She is easily one of the most beautiful women in the business and has a killer body that puts any bikini diet to shame! I loved this shoot not only because the photography is stunning - the angles are perfect - but because it reminds me of ANTM. Don't recoil in horror, of course Anja beats every-girl-to-have-ever-entered-the-show hands down, but all I can think of is Mr.Jay saying "we want it sexy but not porn star". I don't think you could get any sexier.

This editorial is from a 2006 Summer issue of Numero, so unfortunately it's not available in shops any more; however, the latest issue featuring Kirsten Dunst and everyones Winter must-have - the shearling jacket - is, so get your copy now.

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