Sunday, 6 June 2010

Spotlight: Abbey Lee Kershaw

It's no secret that Abbey Lee is my biggest girl crush of all time - I was pretty unintelligible at fashion week thanks to her mere presence, therefore this week's Spotlight (a new Bang Bang You're Dead regular) is dedicated to her beautiful Vogue Nippon editorial.

I was told that this new 'haircut' is actually a wig but either way I think it really suits her (and makes the year it's taken me to grow my severe-bob to shoulder-length all the more worthwhile!) This editorial, featured in the July issue of Vogue Nippon, is one of those shoots that I'd love to have framed in my bedroom and that's saying something - only a few before it have had the honour. Definitely one of my favourite editorials of the year so far...

I've started Spotlight to share my favourite model/editorial of the week, let me know if you like it or not! Also what do you think of Abbey's new haircut, do you prefer her with long hair or short?

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  1. NO WAYYY. I ACTUALLY just Googled her the other day, after stalking her pictures on! I think she's so stunning. I actually really like the short hair and the bangs - definitely suits her.

    And another weird thing is, I just stumbled on your blog, but I was JUST listing to the song "Bang Bang You're Dead" by Dirty Pretty Things. Haha, not sure if it's where it derived from, but it's an awesome song.

    So yeah..

  2. Love the spotlight idea! abbey lee is also my big girl crush, wig or no wig, I love this hairstyle on her


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