Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Karma pastel-Chanel Chamelion

Having been at my Dad's since the weekend, I've subsequently fallen off the blogging bandwagon. In what can only be described as the ultimate bachelor-pad (think no food, lots of beer, 60" plasma, XBox 360, PS3 and several other things that require serious tech knowlege to even turn on) I've lost track of life itself and Bang Bang has suffered the consequences.

In true slacker style, I'm going to post some of my favourite looks from the Chanel Spring 2010 Haute Couture (somehow fashion is the last thing on my mind when all I can see/hear is aliens shooting other aliens). I think I like the collection although it'll probably be a grower, there were several 'stage' looks and few 'red carpet' outfits, but overall, I thought it very pleasant.

Am v. intrigued by lack of black or gold and think the silver embellishment with the pastel colours is gorgeous. Will get back to real life at the weekend (apologies) but until then, over and out.

Freja Beha Erichsen

Anja Rubik

Frida Gustavsson

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Karmen Pedaru

The big boss man, Karl Lagerfeld

The silk/satin draped dress is stunning and the embellished damask is crazy beautiful. What are your favourite couture shows from the last 5 years?

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  1. wow, those pics are great. what an amazing collection

  2. how are you? thanks for your nice comment


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