Tuesday, 6 July 2010

J'Adore Couture

To my own amazement I rarely follow the Couture shows, I just have one of those irrational 'I can't afford any of this' fears and therefore avoid it altogether. However, last season I (like many others) got suckered in by Chanel's Couture Collection and finally started paying attention - albeit several years too late.

This season is no different; the shows haven't even gotten into full swing (I'm super excited about Chanel) and I'm already smitten. Christian Dior was a massive surprise as it was totally opposite to the AW10 Ready-to-Wear and it was just so colourful...

Aside from the massively obvious floral references, I saw a little bit of Marc Jacobs SS10 and a little bit of Taylor Momsen's hair from The Grinch years - either way I actually kind of liked it. It's way too colourful and flouncy for me to ever consider wearing (if I won the lottery, it might happen) but I can already see most of the dresses being worn on the red carpet.

But it's Givenchy that's been the stand-out collection so far, I mean these dresses are seriously beautiful...

Inspired by the uh-mazing Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and her three obsessions: religion, sensuality and the human anatomy, Riccardo Tisci has really put himself out there as a serious couture contender. I'm usually quite dubious about feathers and embellishment but Tisci's got the balance perfectly, who wouldn't want to wear either of these pieces?!

I can't wait for Chanel, Papa K will undoubtedly present a blinder of a collection and when he does I'll be the first to gush. On a more serious note though, who can actually afford to buy this stuff? I'm pretty sure I'd have to sell my house to afford one piece, let alone every season...

photos from style.com


  1. i adore the givenchy couture collection too - the detailing was unbelievable. tisci is one to look out for i think!



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