Sunday, 25 July 2010

Rachel's Short Love Story

Rachel Bilson is one of those amazingly consistent celebrities that you can always rely on to be stylish, but not too stylish. A bit like Kate Bosworth or more recently, Jessica Alba. Her style isn't outrageous and it doesn't push any boundaries, but she always always looks great.

After being scolded by all the fashion magazines this summer, I was a little worried about the fate of the denim short. Rachel clearly didn't get the memo (or just ignored it entirely) and I'm so glad; my denim short's are my summer staple. High street denim can be a little tacky (think obligatory studs/rips) therefore I generally opt for second hand or vintage - teamed with a cute shirt and killer glasses, you've got a perfect summer outfit for both day and night...

Top and middle row - all clothes from Rokit. Bottom row - all clothes from Topshop.

I guess another reason I love her is because she's tiny like me, it's hard knowing what kind of styles would suit you when you're looking at girls that are 5ft 9+, so thanks Rachel.

What do you think of Rachel, ok so she's not Rihanna or Lady Gaga, but you can't say she doesn't look fab?

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  1. of course she looks fab!!! i miss THE OC!

  2. so gree! i'm also a shorty and live in my cutoffs, no naturally i love miss bilson too x

  3. i agree, i love her. she is adorable

    xx lue


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