Saturday, 16 January 2010

Best Dressed...

I've really become more of a dress girl this past year. I used to live in jeans and only ever wore dresses for occasions because I thought they were too girly. However, recently there have been so many dresses that I LOVE, its hard to avoid them any more.

I'm never going to be a prom dress kinda girl because I'm too scruffy and just can't handle the idea of having to keep something clean. I've just ordered myself a basic black jersey maxi-dress from ASOS which I'm sure I'll have fun accessorizing (I'm thinking boots, leather jacket and rings). Here are just a couple of outfit ideas I thought were cute - I'm pining for a nice mac and this one is lovely although I doubt it's an outfit I'd realistically wear.

The second outfit is definately something I'd wear and I love that burgandy colour with grey and black.

all clothes from TOPSHOP

Alexander Wang dress, Marc Jacobs leather jacket, Fendi ankle boots,
RayBan glasses, Miu Miu leather bag, all from

What outfits are you loving at the moment and how would you change my choices?

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  1. that topshop dress is cute! i think i would add some higher heels though, maybe the giant topshop platforms

    just because i think they are amazing!


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