Monday, 11 January 2010


It seems that 17 year old Georgia Jagger has been causing quite a stir in fashion land. The daughter of a Rolling Stone and now the face of the SS10 Versace campaign; you would've thought we'd be putty in her hands right about now. But we're not.

The SS10 Versace collection was sublime. Some saw Gianni in his heyday whilst others just loved its almost 'tackily' fresh aesthetic. I for one fell head over PVC heels for Donatella's Alice in Wonderland inspired collection. However, when Georgia Jagger was announced as the face of the Italian powerhouse last year I was a little sceptical. For one thing she is only 17 and I always felt that Abbey Lee would have so much better.

Fashion forums are in quandry; some love her, some hate her. Countless comparisons with the Louis Vuitton campaign, Lara Stone and Abbey Lee have been made - all of which are quite true. However, I loved the collection and I'm not turning my back just because I'm not 100% on the choice of model (I think she's beautiful, just not quite right). Abbey Lee would have been a better candidate and so would some variety but GOD I love the dresses and shoes.

What do you think of Georgia for Versace?

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