Monday, 18 January 2010


Apart from Mariah Carey's scary looking boobs, I didn't really notice anything exciting at the Golden Globes.

I'm a bit blase about the whole thing because I usually am disappointed and always wonder what went wrong. There were a lot of ruffles (big SS thing) and lots of black and white - the usual, but it was hard finding anyone that really stood out (although I did love Drew Barrymore in Versace). It was only when I looked at images from the after-parties did I see a bit of colour and boldness.

I'm not a huge fan of these looks, but I think that's because they were worn, in my eyes, by the wrong people. I love the dresses though. The Lloyd Klein is so beautiful but would have suited someone a bit edgier and the Chanel is just a bit too green.

I salute them for doing something a bit different, even if it was at the after party.

AnnaLynne McCord in Lloyd Klein

Isabal Lucas in Chanel

I love Ashley Olsen in Erdem, the colour is perfect and I think it's a shame the bottom half of the dress didn't live-up to the top half, therefore I felt it only necessary to show the best bit!

Who do you think got it right?

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  1. FYI-not isabel lucas, thAT is jessica stroup. she plays Silver on 90210.


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