Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Burberry Boys (and Girl)

One thing I love about the New Year are all the new campaign's. By November I get so horribly bored seeing the same images over and over again. I was particularly excited about the Burberry Prorsum campaign for two reasons: 1) I love Emma Watson and 2) I loved the collection even more.

I'm a sucker for Christopher Bailey's gorgeous jackets and I adore the new variety in ice-cream shades. I also love the fact that he's used all Brits because being patriotic feels like something of a crime these days (as does everything else the governments political correctness/health and safety idiots have gotten their hands on).

I'm not so sure about Max Hurd (infact I'm entirely not sure) but I'm pretty taken with indie boy George Craig. I'm so excited about Fashion Week this year and hopefully I'll be able to appreciate it rather than running around like a headless chicken!

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  1. I share your excitment! I think Burberry Add campaign is divine and I can not wait for the Fashion Week too!:-)


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