Saturday, 12 March 2011

Levi's Craft of Music with Rox and Joy Formidable

Last night I was invited to the first ever Levi's Craft of Music event, an intimate gig at the flagship store on Regent Street with Rox and Joy Formidable. I'd not previously heard of either of these bands and so didn't really know what to expect; I'm not really in a position to write a really great music review (my favourite artist at the moment is Rihanna) but I can tell you that it was a superb evening.

This lovely lady is Rox and from last nights show it's safe to say that she has an absolutely phenomenal voice. I really rated her live acoustic performance of My Baby Left Me, her voice is so soulful and powerful - definitely one to watch this year!

Another band that I had never heard of before were Joy Formidable and they turned out to be an absolutely hilarious trio from North Wales. They're also super talented and we had a good little dance along to their hits (even though the crowd were a little lacklustre at times).

We got the chance to ask the musicians some questions after they'd played although after a few beers, I wasn't really in the thinking mood and left the hardcore fans to it. My best friend and I thoroughly enjoyed both Rox and Joy Formidable and  had a great evening out; it's rare that you get to hear such amazing voices in such an intimate setting - it made us both want to be at a festival with a cold glass of cider!

I'd really recommend you check them both out, Rox was especially brilliant and with a voice like hers she's bound to go far.

All photos taken by me, do not use/copy without permission!

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  1. Had never heard of either checked out Rox and she definitely has a fantastic voice, thanks for the tip!


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