Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Kate Winslet is Smokin'

We Brits love a quintessential English Rose and we pride ourselves on having Kate Winslet to our name; she's beautiful, talented, personable and is just generally someone you'd like to be friends with. Admittedly this photo is a little high-def for my liking but how incredible does Kate look at the première of her mini-series Mildred Pierce?!

I think the drastic haircut has completely changed the way I look at Kate because she's suddenly turned into a complete foxy mumma. Ok so she's not the youngest or prettiest British actress but she know's how to carry herself and is totally confident on the red carpet which in itself is massively inspiring.

I also love how she opted for an asymmetrical bodycon Stella McCartney dress - it really flatters her figure and makes her boobs look great too. I know she's only in her mid-30's and I'm talking about her as if she's some old haggard lady but in a world where its a case of 'the younger the better' its really refreshing to see someone a little bit older flaunting it, right?

If I had to chose another look for Kate for Stella's AW11 collection, this is what I would have picked:

She can definitely pull off a plunging neckline and I absolutely adored the sheer spotty sleeves but I would have given her a sexy pencil skirt instead of the velvet number. Kate has an enviable skin-tone that looks great in every colour but I do love a little black dress.

What do you think of Kate's transformation?

photos from justjared.buzznet.com and style.com


  1. i think she looks lovely but her face mhhh.. too much makeup!!!

  2. I really love her new look. I wasn't sure when I saw the very severe blonde Vogue cover, but it's really grown on me now and it oozes sophistication.

  3. i agree- she does look good in that dress but the make up is a bit much, but then again this is hollywood whereby tons of make up is just a standard.




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