Friday, 18 March 2011

Spotlight: Mary-Kate & Ashley

This is the first time anyone has made the Spotlight twice but Mary-Kate and Ashley more than deserve it for these insanely beautiful outfits at the CFDA Awards Announcement party on Wednesday.

I love that the girls have gone back to what they know best: classic tailoring offset by monochrome minimalism. I completely adore Mary-Kate's black outfit and she has definitely become my favourite twin in terms of fashion. Ashley looks impeccable as always but her style is just a little too polished for me personally - although she never ever looks bad.

I love that the girls have emerged from their teen-bop acting days to become wonderful fashion designers - everyone is always complaining about the lack of candids but they are designers, not celebrities any more and I completely respect their dedication to their jobs. 

Is anyone else as taken with the twins as me? And what do you think of this snap, they definitely look better than they have in recent months, no?

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  1. they're great! I love them, always have. they are just too cool. And there's two of them!! they look really good here.

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