Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Levi's: Shape What's To Come

 Last night something pretty special happened at Levi's flagship store on Regent Street...

In an industry where everyone is out for themselves (and lets be honest, the majority are) it's extremely difficult to establish yourself, to do what you really want to do. Through it's amazing online community, Levi's latest venture, Shape What's To Come, reaches out to everyone and anyone in need of a helping hand within the creative industries.

"Millennial women around the world can network and interact with peers and mentors to help them progress both personally and professionally in pursuit of their passions." Through the website, which launches on Monday, you can connect and collaborate with women who already have or are pursuing their dreams - an invaluable tool if you've got all the ideas in the world, but don't know where to start.

Six of the British Ambassadors, one of whom has an MBE (I felt extremely lazy after meeting them) got together to highlight the need for a portal such as Shape What's To Come. Pictured above with the lovely Annie Mac, all women have already realised their dreams and are on hand to help - whether you want to find work experience or set up your own business, these ladies will have it covered.

The evening also featured an exclusive performance and Q&A with the uh-mazing Shingai Shoniwa (above), lead singer of The Noisettes and Ikonika (below) - DJ, producer and now one of Shape What's To Come's Ambassadors.

The overarching message was that whatever your dream is, you can achieve it if your willing to work hard and  make sacrifices. It all sounds very profound but it really is an amazing idea - think of all those questions you've always wanted to ask about the industry but never had the chance; this, I believe, is what you were looking for.

For more information, visit the Shape What's To Come website where you can register for the launch on Monday and get more information on the Ambassadors and community.

All photos taken by me, do not copy/use without permission!

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