Friday, 22 October 2010

It's Been A While...Lady Gaga

She disappeared off the face of the planet only to return wearing prime rump steak and now it seems she's been taking fashion advice from Miss Piggy...

London is supposedly the most diverse fashion city in the world but this is wrong on all levels (sorry gaga, I love you really). As separates the hair, glasses, bag (of course) and leather jacket are all rather lovely but the bad tights and hairy dress are a step too far.

Dodgy 80s throwback comes to mind. As do a flamingo and "that was so 2 years ago". I'm not really sure why she's in London at the moment but hopefully her style will resume 'icon' status when she leaves; what do you think, car-crash chic or just plain shit?

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  1. ahhh i just wish i had the guts like her to wear whatever i wanted!!! gotta love her for that. i love your blog! xxx

  2. Oh christ.

    Will she ever grasp concept of the REAL world. I live to see the day she steps out in a track suit with her hair scraped back, chav stylieee.

    Bravery? Fast pass to the nut house more like.

  3. I totally see what you're going for in this post. And by looking at the photographs long and and critical, I can see what you mean. However, I feel the outfit is nothing too different from what she usually wears and from her perspective there would be nothing wrong with it.

    You're right though, it doesn't have an overall "gasp" effect.

    Personally, I still prefer that to bikini "outfits".

    Otherwise, great blog!

    Sofia Leo x


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