Monday, 19 April 2010

Up Close & Personal

I'm one of those people who is awful at online shopping. The fact that I can't thumb through rails of lovliness and try everything-but-the kitchen-sink on is a massive turn off. Call me old-fashioned but I love to traipse, end of.

So naturally I was dead excited when I was invited to check out some of London Fashion's finest AW10/11 collections, in the flesh (or more accurately, fabric). Not only am I now pining for a Katy Eary cat-ear hat (the selection was so much fun) but I'm also hounding after a pair of pastel brogue Dr. Martens - they've taken the classic shape and twisted it in only a way the British could.

Brogue and Loafer: Dr. Martens style

I want everything here (visit Katy Eary's website for more info)

Basso & Brooke's signature engineered print

As you've also probably gathered from previous posts, I'm not exactly a Hunter wellies type of girl; but I think you could have a convert on your hands. Before you tell me to wash my mouth out with soap and get a horse, let me explain:

Admittedly it's taken a lot of umming and ahhing but jeeeez I want them for Bestival: super comfy, dry (ankle-height water permitting) and stylish-ish. These were also a size too big thus the slight size disproporation but regardless, they're quite exciting wouldn't you agree? My pay-day shopping list has become seriously ridiculous but just think, all of these items would equal a weirdly brilliant wardrobe.

So basically, if you see someone wearing Hunter wedge ankle-boots, a furry cat-ear hat and a reptillian duffle with a pair of pastel coloured Dr. Martens in, then say hi - it won't be me but they'll probably love it.

photos taken by me, do not use/copy without permission!

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