Tuesday, 20 April 2010


If I owned an Hermes bag, I would guard it with my life; it itself would have life insurance. Apparently this rule doesn't apply to celebrities, or to be more precise, Lady Gaga.

Having been in Japan promoting Viva Glam for M.A.C she probably thought that scrawling over a perfectly good Hermes bag was in some way ironic, or she simply wanted the bag safe from the likes of Heidi Montag/Pratt. Now, I love the gaga, I really do, but seriously, Hermes? Its a kick in the teeth that I wish I could have executed myself - just imagine having enough money to be able to graffiti your own £2000 bag and not give a shit.

I guess not giving a shit has kind of become her motto - which is why I completely and utterly adore her. It seems that Japan has brought our Gaga's crazy side that I've missed so much in recent months.

She kind of looks like a piece of scrap metal from Terminator but of course, it works. We've come to expect nothing less than extraordinary from her and seriously, apart from on the Victoria's Secret runway, when are you ever going to see wings as fun as this? I definately prefer this yellow-tinged-bob on her to that awful blonde wig; it's so last year.

And what would a post about Lady Gaga be without a bit of white body-paint and crazy hair. Like Dior AW09/10 she piled on the (painted white) kirby grips for the Viva Glam launch in Tokyo today, so much so that they look like some strange sort of head piece. Maybe she's stranded there because of the volcano in Iceland (fingers crossed) so we'll see even more fun outfits!

Are you offended or baffled by the graffitied Hermes?

photos from thefashionspot.com


  1. OMG you crack me up - great post. Loving your blog - thanks for dropping by mine (-:

  2. haha I just want to know what she wrote on their, my japanese is pretty rusty, but I think it's "I love... (something about) monsters" interesting :)

  3. I love her and would love to know what's written on her bag!

  4. 'I love little monsters - Tokyo love' - She calls her fans her little monsters. :-)

  5. yay for super crazy gaga! hmm i suppose the bag is just another example of how individual she is - yeah, woul love to know whats written on it too! x


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