Sunday, 11 April 2010

Laura Mackness (Eyes, Ears, Mouth & Nose)

I love it when I stumble across a designer I've never heard of; and it helps when I like their clothes.

I'm a bit of a sucker for graphic prints (although have learned to steer well clear of them myself) and think that if you're long and leggy enough, they can look amazing. So Central St. Martins grad Laura Mackness' collection for Weekday was a welcome surprise.

Not only do I love the salmon leggings/conical bra/black lips combo, but her stuff actually looks wearable. My favourite piece, hands down (cringe), is the handy grey crop-top - I want one! Check out her website here and tell me you don't want at least one thing from her collection.

Ok so apologies for the hiatus (again) but it seems that regaining a social life has meant losing the will to post. I will get back on track asap - watch out for Dolly Mix updates (today I took a trip to the beach and it wasn't to sunbathe or to feel the sand between my toes, if you catch my drift).

PS. RIP Malcolm Mclaren, a true fashion legend without whom we'd never have the likes of Vivienne Westwood or The Sex Pistols.

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  1. the salmon is pretty awesome! and she is totally rocking those black lips :)


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