Saturday, 24 April 2010

Tough Ballerina

I'm a sucker for leather, ruffles and Freja Beha Erichsen.

Shot by Craig McDean for Interview (April 2010), I literally can't get enough of the wonderfully spindly Freja - isn't she a dream? I love the styling (although the hair reminds me of Gollum a little) and think the 'game-face' take on the godforsaken ballerina theme is pretty wicked - I've always been a bit dubious about the whole fashion/dance collab situtation but I like this.

I know posting an editorial is probably number one in the Cheats Guide to Blogging so don't think I'm slacking! Although saying that I am taking a short break from tomorrow for a few days, so watch this space!

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  1. amaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. she's gorgeous... I love her pout!

  3. Beautiful Editorial!You have a lovely blog!:)



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