Thursday, 15 April 2010

Uniqlo does Glamour

If you add Uniqlo with hundreds of Glamour readers what do you get? A stampede and a hideously long queue.

On Tuesday, Glamour invited a selection of its readers to shop, eat Yo!Sushi, drink Vitaminwater and get a make-over in Uniqlo's flagship store on Oxford Street. Luckily I was accompanied by the lovely Em from Make Lemonade (check out her blog and uhmazing vintage store - everything is literally under £20. Bargain!) because the whole experience was a little overwhelming - check out the queue, and this was just for sushi!

But of course, being an event held in the name of shopping, I couldn't leave without buying something. Not wanting to risk another queue to try things on I settled for an adorable Christopher Kane style checked smock-top and a print tee. Cute, non?

Overall the event seemed to be a massive success, and if like me you got shopping fever, then you also receieved a free goodie bag (oh how I love a goodie bag) with a gorgeous red Victoria and Albert Nails Inc polish.

Seriously though, if Uniqlo was always one of those stores you walked past but never went in (like me) then you should really check it out next time you see one, you might be pleasantly surprised. Thanks to Em for keeping me company and for introducing me to her brilliant store, Bestival here we come!

photos taken by me

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