Saturday, 11 February 2012

Past, Present and Future: Alexander Wang

There are a select handful of designers whose collections I genuinely get excited about each season and Alexander Wang is one of them. His ingenious ability to give sport-luxe commercial appeal, his extraordinarily collectable accessories (I defy you to attend a fashion show where a Rocco/Diego isn't present) and his beautifully deconstructed take on tailoring make him one of the best designers in America right now. If you haven't already guessed, I'm quite a fan.

In anticipation of his Fall/Winter 2012 collection which is showing later today, I have put together my two favourite ready-to-wear looks from 2009 to the present day. Think of it as an homage, if you will.

Wang's Fall/Winter collection from 2009 is still my favourite of his - I distinctly remember the biker boot/cycling short revolution that followed and, along with thousands of others, promised myself that I would one day own a Diego.

There wasn't a girl in the fashion-world that didn't covet a side-plait/develop a sudden interest in American Football after seeing Wang's Spring/Summer 2010 collection. 

Everything about Wang's Fall/Winter 2010 collection was slightly odd. The flares, the slicked-down hair, the mish-mash of textures and the unusual styling technically shouldn't have worked together but they did. Harmoniously. 

I don't like white. I especially don't like metallic pastel colours. I do, however, love Wang's take on them both for Spring/Summer 2011 (he really can do no wrong in my eyes). 

My second favourite collection, Fall/Winter 2011 spurred the masses onto wearing knitwear with a silk maxi-dress on nights out. Sexy and practical, what's not to love?

Wang's Spring/Summer 2012 offering is probably my least favourite of the bunch, maybe my fear of pale-colours is preventing me from loving this collection as much as the others? Regardless, it's still undeniably great and I have faith that for Fall/Winter 2012, he'll produce something marvellous. 

Who is your favourite American designer? And your favourite designer full stop? After years of hard-graft, I am now the proud owner of Wang's infamous Diego bucket-bag and unashamedly parade around town with it, just because I can. Is there an item of clothing, or an accessory that you one day hope to own? 

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  1. fav american designers-> definitely Proenza Schouler!


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