Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fashion Week Favourite: The Friendship Bracelet

Friendship bracelets are one of those things that come and go within fashion on a regular basis. There's no telling who sparks the trend each season because it changes so often: Madonna sparked a red-string frenzy with the Kabbalah associated bracelet whilst fictional character Ivy from 90210 spurred every bohemian teenager to pile on as many woven and leather variations as the wrist would allow.

It's nice to think that friendship bracelets are slowly acquired by means of actual friendships but more often than not, they were bought in Topshop because someone saw Abbey Lee wearing some. You get the picture.  Either way, whether you genuinely want to offer someone a symbol of your friendship or if you just want to look insanely popular, there are some really great options on the high-street at the moment:

From top: woven bracelets with silver detail, Lucy Folk. Cobalt Keepsake and Jade Keepsake, Mia Lia. Skull bracelets, ASOS. Silver skull bangle, Alexander McQueen.

Though the term 'friendship bracelet' usually evokes imagery of little girls weaving string hooked around their toes, it doesn't mean they have to be traditional. Mia Lia has some really gorgeous designs that don't cost the earth - these adorable beaded bracelets come in a variety of colours and would make the perfect Mother's Day pressie, no? I usually wear my own friendship bracelets until they break and to be quite honest, the idea of having to take them off scares me a little! 

What do friendship bracelets mean to you: are they simply a fashion statement or do they have a greater meaning? 

Photos by Tommy Ton, from

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