Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs FW12

Whilst at a birthday party this weekend, a friend of mine turned up wearing an oversized, red woollen jacket and what can only be described as a floppy, misshapen top hat. Eyebrows were raised at her dubious choice of head-wear; little did we know that she was one step ahead of us all. Enter Mr. Marc Jacobs.

There's no denying that Marc Jacobs is an absolute genius and although (initially) I was a little perplexed looking through his Fall/Winter 2012 collection, it's clear that he has once again created a masterpiece. Rhinestone encrusted pilgrim shoes, giant knitted scarves (complete with giant safety-pin), paisley prints, floral prints, leather panels, fur panels, buttoned wool stoles, tulip skirts with padded hips, metallic jackets, geometric knitwear and to coin a term from the brilliant Coco's Tea Party, Stephen Jones' 'Jamiroquai' mink hats. Jacobs' had it all.

And yet, in spite of the mish-mash of different pieces, the collection is extremely coherent, typically stylish, wearable and in true Jacobs style, desirable. On paper it shouldn't work and at first sight it's all rather overpowering but when you look closely at the finer details you see a fantastic collection bursting with Jacobs' inimitable creative touch. The witty use of colour and the unlikely combination of textures are central to the success of this collection, cementing the knowledge that Jacobs' truly is an outstanding designer.

I think you'd agree that that's enough shameless flattery/arse-licking for one day (though I am desperate to try out the ankle socks, printed midi-skirt, contrasting geometric knitwear and oversized woollen stole combination). What is your opinion on Marc Jacobs' Fall/Winter 2012 offering and will you be doing the 'Jamiroquai' any time soon?

photos from style.com


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